I’ll admit, while I know I need to commit to doing another round of TBT the hardcore way and the results were pretty enthralling. I’m just not 100% into it. It already didn’t start off great. While I didn’t eat horribly yesterday (lots of chicken, veggies and yummy homemade chicken noodle soup), I was feeling pretty cruddy from NYE festivities and took it pretty easy.

Either way, I’ve been thinking about what this round of TBT would mean to me and how I would treat it. I’m not going into the strict TBT rules. I get they show results, but it just isn’t how I’m willing to live my lifestyle. With that said, I’ll do what I can to reach my goals, without cascading into bitch mode because of all the restrictions. Maybe that’s cheating overall, but I’d rather be content right now and achieve realistic goals.


  • I’m back at 155lbs right now and I want to keep it between that and 150lbs. The last TBT  went down to 147lbs and I was surprisingly very unhappy with that weight.
  • Increase speed, strength and stamina. Sometime this week, I’m going to hit up the gym and get a base idea of where each of these are. Pretty much doing certain exercises to failure, then placing a goal on each one to help keep track of progress.
  • Take up running…? I’m so iffy on this, I hate running. But until I can get a bike, I might have to run. The new roommate is training for marathons, so maybe I’ll hit up running with him, it’s very very easy motivation.
  • Determine caloric outtake and intake. I think this was a big problem with the TBT for me last time and why I lost so much weight. I was working out a ton, but probably not eating enough to maintain the weight I wanted. I’m going to try and keep this a little stronger.

That goal list will probably grow, but I think that’s a good start right now. So now, the rules.


  • Instead of being on a strict diet and having one cheat day (which was a bad thing for me). I’m going to put a percentage/gauge of good food that goes into my body on a day to day basis. Assuming my daily diet looks like three meals with 2-3 snacks, that puts me at about 5-6 meals a day. That’s around 42 meals a week? My cheat day allowed for about 6 meals of that day to be not so good. (three meals, two snacks). So, I think through the week, I should hit about 36 meals/snacks a week of good, wholesome food. 6 can be not so good. This is my goal on a weekly basis. We’ll see how it goes, the diet part really made me super cranky, I want to be more rigid on my working out and not stress as much if I enjoy food at times.
  • Eating out: I don’t eat out a lot already, but I know one large source of stress was trying to figure out what to eat when I did eat out. So my rule for eating out (when it happens) is not to nit pick it. I’m not going to question what is going into it…because it’s going to drive me nuts.
  • Beer: This is an exception to EVERYTHING. I love good beer and drink it on occasion. But since I love to enjoy good beer, I rarely have more than one each time I drink. I don’t drink to get drunk and I really hate piss quality beer. So…I feel it’s not terrible

That’s about it, there are no rules for exercising, I like to keep it at 5 days a week if possible. Try and get yoga in there at least once a week and derby at least 3. Oh yeah! I’m on fitocracy as well with a couple other folks, I enjoy how that keeps track of the things I’m doing. So check me out on there as well! http://www.fitocracy.com Follow me under Frak_Attak!

The biggest thing, especially going through all of this is, I don’t need this program to be a source of stress for me. I know it shouldn’t be, but it was when I did it. Yes, I want to be accountable. But eventually I want this to be a life habit…and people will not be around for my entire life to make sure I keep on track. Of course, encouragement is the best way I grow, so any and all of that would be great! As I’m happy to return it as well.

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Beginning of the week, let’s go!

Champs this weekend, oh man! Derby derby derby, which will require the following things:

  • Star-jumps in Skate Position 2 x 20
  • Lunge Jumps 2 x 20
  • Side Jumps 2 x 15
  • Single Leg Hops 2 x 15
  • Bench with alternate push-up 2 x 20
  • Machine squats squatting so thighs are horizontal then explode back up. 3×12 45, 65, 75
  • Clean and extend, olympic bar one end at base of wall, squat cross hand over bar grab hold clean and they explode up on the toes extending arm overhead
  • Straight leg dead lifts 3×12 45, 50, 50
  • Calf Raises 3×12 45, 45, 45
  • Glute/ham Raises
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Today I will…

Some things I want to do after practice tonight! I’m already in a place I can train, might as well use it.

  • One Leg Squats 3 x 15
  • Knee Raises 2 x 20
  • Rabbit Jumps 2 x 20
  • Low Walk 2 x 30m
  • Straight leg deadlifts 2x 15, 45, 45
  • Lunges w/ db 2x 15 10, 10
  • Sissy Squats 2x 15
  • Dip toe in the water 2 x 30s

Also, been thinking a little harder about my diet. I didn’t jump back on the TBT bandwagon mainly because while the results were really great, the three months of restricting my food was miserable for me and everybody else. I was a really big grumpy butt according to my coworkers. I just think it might have been too much at one time. So, I’m going to start setting goals in my diet ever couple weeks or so, hopefully progressing to an even BETTER diet, without the grumpiness.

  • Limiting alcohol consumption to 1-2 per/week. I did go without alcohol for 6 months and I felt rather good, so I’m going to go that direction, but allow a good beer here and there, but nothing like I’ve been doing. Old habits die hard.
  • NO fast food! AT ALL, even a little bit.
  • Cut cheese down to 1-2 times weekly.

It’s a start, I do pretty well already, but a few things have creeped back into my daily diet, I want to get rid of that. But, I will not felt guilt when I enjoy a good dinner made by my family or my boyfriend. MY diet restrictions should never affect other people in my life and change the way THEY want to eat, that’s not okay with me.

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Just some notes

Hmm, been awhile. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best blogger around, probably because I’m not the best writer. The fitness sorta took a break, not completely but far more than expected. Such is life I suppose.

I do now have a gym membership for Better Bodies (thanks to a certain Queen) and that helps motivate me to get to the gym, even better when it’s close to home and along my commute to work.

Anyway, I’m going to be using this a notes for myself, probably be kinda inconsistent depending on the week, but mainly helping me map out my workouts. I know I have to have a goal as to what I’m doing that day or I don’t want to go. So yep!

Explosive Power (breaking weight training and such into endurance/stability and explosive/plyo):

  • Skate Simulation + Hop 2 x 15
  • Frog Jump 2 x 15
  • Squat Vibrations 2 x 15
  • Single Leg Hops 2 x 15
  • Bench with alternate push-up 2 x 20
  • Machine squats squatting so thighs are horizontal then explode back up. 3×12 45, 65, 75
  • Leg press (moving seat, cable operated), alternating legs push-off and land with opposite leg repeat. 3×12 60, 80, 100
  • Straight leg dead lifts. 3×12 45, 50, 50
  • Calf Raises. 3×12 45, 45, 45
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Oh what a world!

Wed went well…till the end. Food was perfect, here’s a break down


  • 3 scrambled eggs w/ salsa
  • Tortilla w/ quinoa mix
  • Peach
  • Tuna salad (cabbage, green apple, tuna and seasonings)
  • Hard boiled egg
  • 4 squares (1 serving) dark chocolate
  • Protein shake (banana, blueberries, yogurt, coconut water, protein and glutamine)
  • Very little amount of curry cabbage and turkey
  • Derby for 2 hrs…
Upon which at the end, I was pushing myself up from doing pushups, I lost my balance and fell back on my left hand. Boy, did that hurt. And having seen many folks break items of their bodies with little to no force, I was a little freaked out. Okay, actually a lot freaked out cause I really couldn’t deal with another major injury within such a short amount of time. Really, it’s been a horrible year for my health. Which is funny considering how well I’ve been doing with eating and working out.
So, this morning, decided to go to the dr (thank god for insurance, even if getting an appointment with Kaiser is a mess). Finally got in, took xrays and he couldn’t see any visible breaks, so said it’s probably just a strain on one of the ligaments of my forearm, which is what it feels like. Talk about a relief. He said I can continue with activities, but I need to gauge it by pain. Obviously too much pain means I need to stop, which I know very well how to do.
Srsly, what is wrong with me!!
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I can barely lift my beer!!

But seriously, that’s how I felt after the conditioning/weight training class at MMA tonight. It was an alll shoulders day, which is by far the worse aspect of my body. To work out that is, but damn if it isn’t worth the price of admission to the gun show. But really, we hit up the brewery next door (yeah, next door) and I was shaky lifting TESTER glasses. I mean, not even full pints! Anyway, awfully tired so I’m keeping this one short.


  • Yogurt w/ blueberries, almonds and protein powder
  • Cup of yerba matte tea
  • 2 Tortillas stuffed w/ quinoa mix
  • Peach
  • Post-workout shake (protein and glutamine)
  • 2 2oz glasses of beer
  • Tortilla w/ quinoa and salsa
  • Cup 2% milk
  • Strawberries
I went shopping too based off of a new list of food from Train.Fight.Win. Honestly, I get WAY more food when I go for raw ingredients, frozen items and well, less junk food. But dark chocolate is allowed, that was instantly in the basket.
  • 1 hr conditioning, lemme break it down
    • 1:00min on, 10sec off: 3x through each station
    • Bridges w/ press (in bridge position, press sandbag arm length above chest)
    • Lat Pullups on rings
    • Knee/Chest, pushup (on a heavy bag, on ground, hop across bag grappling style, pushup on each side)
    • Headstands
    • Side snatch (Taking 45lb bar, do a “woodchop” action with one end, switch arms at 30sec)
    • Floor Wipers (holding 45lbs bar above head, use legs in wiper motion from side to side)
Yeah, it was exhausting. Then the last set we would “sprint” at the last 10 secs. Damn I was ready for a beer!
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Weekends are my bane, I hit them and all hell breaks loose! But that is the nature of my summer. This weekend was the wedding of some amazing friends and as such, there was much food to be had. None of it good, but damn if it didn’t taste amazing! Weekends will be tough to reign in, but maybe once things start slowing down (as they always do towards the fall) it will equal itself out. Weekdays? Piece of cake. Though right now I haven’t been eating as MUCH as I should. I’ll fix that tomorrow when I go to the store. Here is what went on today though.

  • Peaches w/ ff yogurt and almonds
  • Mixed green salad w/ chicken
  • Flatbread turkey sandwich
  • Peach
  • Protein drink (protein and glutamine)
  • Whole wheat tortilla w/ chicken/chile/tomato quinoa
  • Coconut water
  • 2 hr derby practice
  • 5×5 deadlifts: 75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs
  • 5×5 goodmornings: 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs 85lbs
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