A whirlwind of caahraazy!

This last weekend was a little nuts! Both in food and exercise. I’ll admit I was not very great about my diet, but sometimes you just need a weekend to not care! Plus, Sunday more than made up for it.

Saturday started well enough with MMA practice. But really, I just did some weightlifting and really basic grappling to see where my knee is at on that front, overall not too bad. Then enjoyed a good two hour brunch with Jacob, Dangey and her friend, which was hilarious at best. Later I hit up the Food Truck Festival and pretty much stuffed myself. I should stop doing that, I end up not enjoying how I feel after. That was the most notable diet no-no. But that’s okay because…

Sunday Jacob and I biked the Urban Assault race. We concluded from his house to the race, the race, then back to his place we biked around 30 miles. It took us 2 hours and 30 mins to complete. That would have been way better if 1) we didn’t go to a checkpoint that was non existent and 2) we didn’t hit the mutha fuckin’ train of 20 min annoyances thatiusetohitallthetimeandhatewithallmysoul. Ahem. But even with those small hang ups I feel pretty good about it. We rocked the checkpoints, danced like crazy at the after party and went home. Then indulged in lots of food from Hansons and a bloody mary. Soooo needed it and well deserved.

Save for with all of the weekend activities, I believe I made myself dehydrated and was pretty sick on Monday. So no exercises and little food on Monday, tried to clean so my legs weren’t so sore and I wouldn’t go crazy in the heat.

But the week starting Tuesday is going awfully well. Here’s the diet for today:

  • Flax cereal w/ blueberries and yogurt
  • Trail Mix
  • Spinach Chickpea Curry w/ yogurt
  • Donut (going away party for some coworkers)
  • Veggie pasta w/ a mushroom sauce
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Coconut Water
  • 1hr 15 min yoga. I can do headstands now, yay!
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