Oh what a world!

Wed went well…till the end. Food was perfect, here’s a break down


  • 3 scrambled eggs w/ salsa
  • Tortilla w/ quinoa mix
  • Peach
  • Tuna salad (cabbage, green apple, tuna and seasonings)
  • Hard boiled egg
  • 4 squares (1 serving) dark chocolate
  • Protein shake (banana, blueberries, yogurt, coconut water, protein and glutamine)
  • Very little amount of curry cabbage and turkey
  • Derby for 2 hrs…
Upon which at the end, I was pushing myself up from doing pushups, I lost my balance and fell back on my left hand. Boy, did that hurt. And having seen many folks break items of their bodies with little to no force, I was a little freaked out. Okay, actually a lot freaked out cause I really couldn’t deal with another major injury within such a short amount of time. Really, it’s been a horrible year for my health. Which is funny considering how well I’ve been doing with eating and working out.
So, this morning, decided to go to the dr (thank god for insurance, even if getting an appointment with Kaiser is a mess). Finally got in, took xrays and he couldn’t see any visible breaks, so said it’s probably just a strain on one of the ligaments of my forearm, which is what it feels like. Talk about a relief. He said I can continue with activities, but I need to gauge it by pain. Obviously too much pain means I need to stop, which I know very well how to do.
Srsly, what is wrong with me!!
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