Weekends are my bane, I hit them and all hell breaks loose! But that is the nature of my summer. This weekend was the wedding of some amazing friends and as such, there was much food to be had. None of it good, but damn if it didn’t taste amazing! Weekends will be tough to reign in, but maybe once things start slowing down (as they always do towards the fall) it will equal itself out. Weekdays? Piece of cake. Though right now I haven’t been eating as MUCH as I should. I’ll fix that tomorrow when I go to the store. Here is what went on today though.

  • Peaches w/ ff yogurt and almonds
  • Mixed green salad w/ chicken
  • Flatbread turkey sandwich
  • Peach
  • Protein drink (protein and glutamine)
  • Whole wheat tortilla w/ chicken/chile/tomato quinoa
  • Coconut water
  • 2 hr derby practice
  • 5×5 deadlifts: 75lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs
  • 5×5 goodmornings: 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs 85lbs
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