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I must be crazy

As I’m going to be starting a strict diet here soon. It’s to help to really push me to the next level. I realize the TBT did the same thing, but this is on a different, performance based level. Not … Continue reading

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A whirlwind of caahraazy!

This last weekend was a little nuts! Both in food and exercise. I’ll admit I was not very great about my diet, but sometimes you just need a weekend to not care! Plus, Sunday more than made up for it. … Continue reading

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Help Bloggess, help!

So, my current squeeze Jacob, no matter how hard I try, is not enthused by the Bloggess. I try really hard, I really do. I makes no sense because she’s amazing and uses words like “douche-canoe” which is close to … Continue reading

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The yoga hurts so good!

Today, due to traffic and weather, I didn’t get to go on the hike I had planned with a friend. So I said, what the hell and just went to yoga. Hella glad I did. The instructor, Joyce, was awesome! … Continue reading

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Fitness Post

Phew, it has been awhile! I’ll admit, at the beginning I said I would take a week break from the TBT, then I decided that I didn’t want to continue the TBT in it’s original form, but would continue to … Continue reading

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