I can barely lift my beer!!

But seriously, that’s how I felt after the conditioning/weight training class at MMA tonight. It was an alll shoulders day, which is by far the worse aspect of my body. To work out that is, but damn if it isn’t worth the price of admission to the gun show. But really, we hit up the brewery next door (yeah, next door) and I was shaky lifting TESTER glasses. I mean, not even full pints! Anyway, awfully tired so I’m keeping this one short.


  • Yogurt w/ blueberries, almonds and protein powder
  • Cup of yerba matte tea
  • 2 Tortillas stuffed w/ quinoa mix
  • Peach
  • Post-workout shake (protein and glutamine)
  • 2 2oz glasses of beer
  • Tortilla w/ quinoa and salsa
  • Cup 2% milk
  • Strawberries
I went shopping too based off of a new list of food from Train.Fight.Win. Honestly, I get WAY more food when I go for raw ingredients, frozen items and well, less junk food. But dark chocolate is allowed, that was instantly in the basket.
  • 1 hr conditioning, lemme break it down
    • 1:00min on, 10sec off: 3x through each station
    • Bridges w/ press (in bridge position, press sandbag arm length above chest)
    • Lat Pullups on rings
    • Knee/Chest, pushup (on a heavy bag, on ground, hop across bag grappling style, pushup on each side)
    • Headstands
    • Side snatch (Taking 45lb bar, do a “woodchop” action with one end, switch arms at 30sec)
    • Floor Wipers (holding 45lbs bar above head, use legs in wiper motion from side to side)
Yeah, it was exhausting. Then the last set we would “sprint” at the last 10 secs. Damn I was ready for a beer!
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