The one known as Frak

With all of the folks doing the TBT (total body transformation) I figured I would elaborate some on who I am and why I’m doing this.

I’m Sam Aka Frak Attak of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. I am on my second year of roller derby but hit a hiccup in November 2010, I managed to tear my PCL and Meniscus disc. Luckily neither was a full tear and both did not need sugery, but nevertheless it took me out of the game I love and put a huge hurdle on my physical activity and ability. Now almost 5 months later, I’ve gone through physical therapy, kept up on the exercise and even gave up alcohol at the beginning of the year to see what that might do for me. All that was left was getting food in check, which is what the TBT has forced me to do. I am focusing a lot on upper body while my knee continues to mend, but I’m pushing it more and more with no pain. It’s getting stronger and I’m getting stronger. I have some high goals, but have no reason to not push towards them.

I will come back stronger than ever and with more drive and determination than before. That’s my end all goal in starting the TBT program.


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