Today I will…

Some things I want to do after practice tonight! I’m already in a place I can train, might as well use it.

  • One Leg Squats 3 x 15
  • Knee Raises 2 x 20
  • Rabbit Jumps 2 x 20
  • Low Walk 2 x 30m
  • Straight leg deadlifts 2x 15, 45, 45
  • Lunges w/ db 2x 15 10, 10
  • Sissy Squats 2x 15
  • Dip toe in the water 2 x 30s

Also, been thinking a little harder about my diet. I didn’t jump back on the TBT bandwagon mainly because while the results were really great, the three months of restricting my food was miserable for me and everybody else. I was a really big grumpy butt according to my coworkers. I just think it might have been too much at one time. So, I’m going to start setting goals in my diet ever couple weeks or so, hopefully progressing to an even BETTER diet, without the grumpiness.

  • Limiting alcohol consumption to 1-2 per/week. I did go without alcohol for 6 months and I felt rather good, so I’m going to go that direction, but allow a good beer here and there, but nothing like I’ve been doing. Old habits die hard.
  • NO fast food! AT ALL, even a little bit.
  • Cut cheese down to 1-2 times weekly.

It’s a start, I do pretty well already, but a few things have creeped back into my daily diet, I want to get rid of that. But, I will not felt guilt when I enjoy a good dinner made by my family or my boyfriend. MY diet restrictions should never affect other people in my life and change the way THEY want to eat, that’s not okay with me.

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