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Phew, it has been awhile! I’ll admit, at the beginning I said I would take a week break from the TBT, then I decided that I didn’t want to continue the TBT in it’s original form, but would continue to do what the TBT trained me to do. But after almost a month, I look back and realize I just needed a god honest break from a whole slew of things.

At the end of June/beginning of July I had a couple cruddy things happen. I hurt my quad, which would continue to injure over and over again (even by just stubbing my toe). I sustained a very mild, but very irksome concussion (my first since high school) and overall I felt so mentally drained and depressed that I was frustrated with everything.

So, I took a break from everything. From daily working out, to restricted eating habits, and even derby to an extent. I am a summer loving person and had not enjoyed my summer yet.

Fast forward to now, things are in SUCH a better place! I spent the majority of July traveling to locations I love with people I deeply admire. I enjoyed the summer nights and days with friends and family. Hiked, biked, went crazy, skated like crazy with a variety of derby folks and overall just let myself loose. It felt amazing. But now that I feel like I’ve managed to reclaim my summer days, I’m ready to get back to work. I started going back to the MMA gym and am happy to have done so. They are supportive, fun and inspiring. I’m weight lifting at a higher capacity now and even looking into the idea of working towards a grappling tournament next year, naturally when my knee is ready to do so. But to train towards a goal OTHER than derby is refreshing. I needed it.

I have not returned to practice just yet, but am getting that itch to do so. Though I will admit to having a lot of nervousness associated to returning. I was in a really rough spot with derby at the end of June. I felt like crude, like the worse derby player to ever be on skates. I realize I am veerry hard on myself, but I suppose some part of that is what drives me. Nevertheless, I was frustrated to no end. The Gays vs Straight bout was a very high point to end on and I know I’ll only get better. But it was a very hard realization to come to; I am no longer where I was when I sustained my knee injury. That was difficult.

But I’m looking to get back, I’m starting with exercise again (though I HARDLY just sat in front of my TV for a month)! The food will come a little later, but the effects of a non-balanced diet were annoying, so looking forward to getting back to that too. There are things I want to work towards and the only issue I’m having now is a fear of failure. But that shouldn’t stop me, if it did I would be very disappointed in myself.

So let’s start off with exercise, food today was not stellar, but tomorrow will start with a basic food blog again:

MMA training:

  • 1 hr boxing with 8 rounds tabata style combos at the end
  • 1/2 hr weightlifting
    • Hamstring deadlift: 5 x5, 105, 115, 125, 135, 135
    • Good Mornings: 5 x5, 45, 55, 65, 65, 65
    • Kettlebell Squats: 3 x10 @ 35lbs. I did back squats the wednesday before and my knee HATED it at the end. Though I did go to failure, which felt pretty good for once
    • Inverted rows w/ rings: 3 x10
Love it! Save for the fact I am COMPLETELY drenched in sweat…it’s a little nasty, haha. But boy it feels good to get started again!
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