Day Ninety!!

Woo, made it! A day late posting as I spent the day with my parents, but it went rather well. I will post something more in depth about the accomplishments and goals that I reached. Then start thinking about what my goals are going to be for the next 90 days. I have some items in mind so we’ll see what I can figure out. But overall, pretty darn happy! Photos will come sometime this week.


  • 2 Eggs and Turkey Bacon w/ whole wheat toast
  • Smoothie: Cherry juice, banana, blueberries, spinach and protein powder
  • Tuna salad on whole wheat tortilla
  • Sugar free chocolate mousse thing…
  • Romaine salad w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and raspberry vinaigrette
  • Goulash w/ tomatoes, onions mushrooms and whole wheat pasta
  • Slice of rye bread
  • 1hr 1/2 ish of derby practice
  • 2 hours of punks practice (including planks, quarterback squats, potty squats, pushups, etc)
  • 20 partner situps. Maan they hurt!
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