Day Eighty Eight

Cheat day…and I went sorta crazy. I’m not going to list it, it was filled with pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. There were some redemption meals such as mixed green salad and flax cereal w/ yogurt. But otherwise, it was pretty nuts. My stomach really hates when I do this.


  • Rest day, though I did walk around Broadway quite a bit promoting the bout next weekend. My body is sooo sore, but the walking helped a little and then I went to open gym at Train.Fight.Win, which helps as well. Skating on Sunday!
I can’t wait to start the second 90 days. I am giving myself a week of rest though, though not really “rest”. Just a break from blogging (unless I feel like it) and worrying about what is going in my food. I’ve been lax at the end of this 90 days and if I just jump head first into the second, it’s not going to start right. I’m going to enjoy the week and that should help me get my goals in check for the second time around. Now that my knee really isn’t that much of a problem, my goals are going to change. Which is nice!
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3 Responses to Day Eighty Eight

  1. We should definitely blog about accomplishments in the first 90 and new goals in the next 90. I think it will help. Tomorrow is 90 for me. I may reset right away, but double up on a couple cheat days for my birthday.

    • frakkinfit says:

      Totally! I will be doing that sometime in the next week. You should take a pseudo rest as well, otherwise how am I going to know if I’m on the right day if you’re 5 days ahead of me?! Haha.

  2. honestly, the pseudo rest has been really interesting – I think I may blog about IT today.. I think it’s good for you to just see how much of this you’re doing because of the program, vs new better habits you’ve acquired.

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