Day Eighty Seven: Holy MMA batman!

So, I went to the MMA gym I found online. It was their metabolic conditioning class. Which looked like a bunch of “stations” done tabata style. Phew, it knocked me for a loop, but got me totally psyched. I’m going back on Saturday morning to learn the basics of boxing/kickboxing. I know a bit from karate (got up to orange, no further. :(), but the refresher would be good. They’re very laid back, very affordable and very cool. Even if I can’t make all of the scheduled classes, is sounds like if they’re there, you are welcome to come and work out. They offer not only boxing, grappling (LOVELOVELOVELOVE) and kickboxing but also weapons, weightlifting and conditioning. I only had a small taste of weapons when I quit karate, so that’s exciting. God, this is going to be FUN. They were also super stoked about having a derby girl and even partially interested in sponsorship, now THAT would be sweet. AND they help with nutrition, along with having a food blog. Bonus+++

Train. Fight. Win. for those interested. First week of training is free AND they have a bootcamp coming up that is $150 for 10 wks. Totally reasonable. They also have classes specifically for women, which I know is important for some. Plus, super central location with off of 9th and Santa Fe.


  • Flax, gluten free cereal w/ FF yogurt and chia seed
  • Banana
  • Trail mix
  • Black bean burger on whole wheat w/ salad and balsamic
  • Whole wheat tortilla
  • Trail Mix
  • Peppered chicken w/ red peppers, green onions and spiced kale on top a small amount of alfredo noodles
  • Slice of bread
  • Milk
  • Warmup
    • 3x 10 of each: Squat, Pushups, sit ups, supermans, pull-ups/inverted row
  • Tabata style stations, 8 sets at each:
    • Sprawl (downward dog type movement then circle to other side, repeat)
    • Situps w/ partner. THESE are seriously fun, I’m bring it to roller derby. They’re more like hip ups
    • Squats w/ med ball throw at 12 lbs w/ partner
    • Fall/recover race (fall back, then race back up)
    • Push-ups claps w/ partner
  • Stretch
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