Day Seventy Nine

Closer and closer! I’m so happy for every time I get to be on skates. Fricken love it, totally missed that from my life. I have a few things to recoup skill wise, but where I feel I fall short, other things have improved. I blame all of that crazy physical therapy and I’m sure the TBT isn’t hurtng. I’m loving where my balance is and moving my feet seems that much more effortless. I enjoy the fact that I don’t feel like a block is going to send me reeling and that I have the core strength to stay up instead of falling instantly. There are some improvements, now to just take back some of the things I lost. But that’ll come back quickly enough.

I practiced without the green penny (meaning I could be hit and hit with no hesitation). Yes, I fell, but it didn’t hurt nor jar. My knee is a little achy but I’m anticipating that to be a common thing to feel. The next step is scrimmage and with FC in San Fran and Contenders getting ready for the bout, it might be a really great, easy going scrimmage. I think I’m going to do it, see how it feels for a little bit. I have to get over this hump sooner or later, and it has to be before June 11th. I’m fine, all Doctors included have said that and have affirmed that my goal of bouting in June is not a crazy one. Now I’ve just got to get over the mental idea that I’m still hurt. I’m not, I’m ready to skate and not be afraid of it.


  • Oatmeal w/ protein powder and PB
  • Soy Joy bar
  • Coffee w/ milk
  • Turkey sandwich on wheat w/ spinach, cucumber and laughing cow cheese
  • Milk
  • Strawberries
  • Multigrain pita chips and hummus
  • Apple
  • Protein shake w/ soy milk, pb, banana and protein powder
  • Egg beaters w/ spinach and a bit of cheese on whole wheat thin bun
  • Crazy fun 2 hour practice. Lots of backwards skating, my calves are feeling it!
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