Seventy Four – Seventy Six

Ahhh, yeah. I can’t say I can remember everything that went on this weekend. I’m a little too exhausted to try and recall it all.

I had some cheats through the weekend, but very very few and most of them ON my cheat day. Such as, two slices of pizza, cheese curds, sweet action ice cream (which I don’t feel bad about, as it was Vegan almond crunch made with cane sugar and soy/coconut cream). Other than that, it was a very clean eating weekend. Lots of veggies and fruit, lots of water, lots of good things. I feel pretty good considering the whirlwind.

Workouts, they also suffered just a bit. I had a half hour of skating with Joy Collision. Lots of cardio throughout the weekend, lots of walking. But yeah, it wasn’t as crazy as usual. I have derby practice tomorrow, so here’s hoping!

I’ll get back to my usual meticulous blog tomorrow. But I’m trying hard not to get sick right now. 😦 Tooo long of a weekend!!

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