Day Sixty Eight

It was bout day which is always a toughy for food. But I’m happy that I never feel like I need to make a run to Wendy’s. It was a bit of a stressful day as well, so it was a bit of a gap between breakfast and dinner. But, it still wasn’t half bad.

Also, I had my 6 month knee inspection with Dr Vidal. Cause she’s amazing and said she’d look at my knee at the bout as my insurance no longer covers her care (major sad). And she did just that and gave me the thumbs up for derby. She was happy with the end point, happy with the progress I was making and said to keep doing what I’m doing and I should be A-okay. My knee was a LITTLE swollen, but that’s because I pushed it a little more than usual at yoga today, that much I know. She just said to ice it and keep it happy for a couple days. Which I will doing.

But I will be bouting in June, come hell or high water. She also said I realistically won’t need a brace. So that puts the brace opinion at 2 out of 3 drs for no. My chiro, PT and Ortho. I’m pretty happy with that number. Both Vidal and Boreman believe the reason I can’t completely bend back is due to scar tissue, but I know it’s getting better, just gotta be vigilant.


  • Veggie scramble with veggies, red potatoes, feta and toast
  • 2 glasses blood orange black tea
  • 1 glass melon berry sencha (yummmy! I love Wynstone!)
  • Luna bar
  • Granola bar
  • Hamburger steak with mushrooms and 2 eggs
  • Bite of stawberry shake (I look at it as my celebration for the good news on my knee)
  • Bites of hashbrowns
  • 1hr 15 min yoga, crazy intense today, lots of hand stands (which I’m not the best at) and back bends (which I’m awesome at)
  • Various cardio, does walking around a whole bout count?? It was hot in there!!
PS: I’ve extended the TBT to 180 with Dangey. It’s addictive, I won’t lie. But I want to really push myself even further and I almost feel like 90s isn’t enough. However, at 6 months (July) I will allow alcohol back into my diet. I have proven to myself that I can go without alcohol to be healthy while still having fun with my friends. I do not need a social lubrication to keep me active and I highly enjoy being dependable for friends who do indulge once and awhile. I will continue to have it in moderation and moderation only. But I love beer too much, I miss just being able to sit and sip a great stout with my roomie. Of course only on my cheat day.
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2 Responses to Day Sixty Eight

  1. Andrea says:

    I already told you congrats on the knee… I assume June means the home team tourney? 🙂

    Also… It’s funny you mention the 180. As we get close to the end of 90 (I’m super close!), I realized I’m not ready to quit yet either. I’m glad you’ll be continuing, I’ll be happy to keep reading your posts!

    • frakkinfit says:

      Oh yeah I mean the home team tourney! I wouldn’t miss that for the WORLD. I can’t wait, it’s going to be a really awesome weekend.

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad I’ll have others to keep reading a well, it adds a lot of inspiration and advice that helps me to keep going.

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