Day Fifty Five Easter, thus my cheat day

But before the bad, here’s some good I wanted to share with fellow TBTers. I stopped at Supplement Giant on Saturday just to give them a general look through and find out more about the sale they’re having on May 1st. Which turns out is more of a sale determined by certain products and reps who will be coming in saying “this is now on sale”. So they have no idea what will be on sale beforehand, doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and get in on that action.

Besides that, I found them very knowledgeable, helpful and affordable. The guy I was talking to refereed to their store as a wholesale supplements. Which is super awesome. They gave me a ton of great tips on pre and post workout supplements as well as multi-vits. Which I’ll go for as soon as I’ve managed to sit down with my coworker and decipher what I should be getting in my day to day vitamins.

They also gave me some pre-workout samples to try and the protein powder I bought was around $27 for 3lbs, which is comparable  to what I’ve found online, so score! I totally recommended them!

I’m also looking at hitting up the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine for a body fat measurement, they were highly recommended by one of the front desk guys at the Whitlock rec center, even over their own fitness assessment crew. Plus, it’s $20 opposed to $55, that’s a no brainer!

Here’s the list for today:


  • Lucille’s for brunch which included: Cafe au Lait, Beignets, english muffin with spinach, tomato, poached egg and avocado with hollandaise sauce and potatoes
  • Easter candy (my stomach HATED THIS)
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Ham, spinach goat cheese quiche with whole wheat crust, wheat rolls and corn
  • Smallest of small slices of cherry pie and chocolate pie (my nephew made the chocolate pie, I can’t say no to that!)
  • Milk
  • Rest day
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