Day Forty Six


  • 1mile warmup
  • Dynamic stretching
  • 6x 3 NAT Speed Squats
  • 6x 3 NAT Incline Plyo Push ups
  • 6×3 NAT speed deadlifts @ 25lb DB
  • a) 3x 15 Windshield wipers
  • b) 3x 15 Ab wheel roll out with stab ball
  • c)3x 8 Situps w/ 9lb ball
  • 2x 12 Rear delt presses @ 17lbs and 28lbs
  • 2x 12 High Row @ 48
  • Stretching
  • FF blueberry yogurt with Almond flax
  • Soy Joy
  • Trail Mix
  • Turkey sandwich on wheat bread with sprouts and laughing cow cheese
  • Trail mix
  • Clementines
  • Bananas
  • Apple
  • After looking at the menu in the hotel and being annoyed that the only thing I could eat was a salad (and I secretly hate salads) another turkey sandwich with sprouts and laughing cow cheese
  • Protein bar
  • LOTS of water, though very openly wanted to be drinking with all my cool friends. The no drinking thing? After awhile you REALLY hate drunk people. Especially at a Sci-fi convention.
That was a difficult day for food, I think that’s where a lot of my dislike for TBT came into play. I was tired of cold meals and wanted to drink and be crazy with my friends like I have in the past. Instead by the end of the night I was cranky and snappy at friends. And drunk people.
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