Day Forty Eight


  • FF blueberry yogurt with almond flax
  • Trail mix
  • Egg sandwhich on wheat bread with laughing cow cheese
  • Bowl of tomato soup
  • Banana chips
  • Almond chocolate milk
  • Amy’s no-cheese roasted veggie pizza
  • 1hr Strength on Ball class: Lots of upper body, lower body and core workout on a stab ball and 10lb weights
Half way through photos:
PS, I didn’t take any before photos. I know I’m lame for not doing so, but I just wasn’t that caught up in the cosmetic aspect of the TBT, I was all about the performance aspect. But I do want to see progress via photos, so I have from now until the end to start seeing something.
So, it would seem I have abs showing up, fancy that. Legs not terribly defined, but I blame the fact that for the first month of the TBT I really couldn’t do much more for my legs than PT. Once I get back to skating (starting May) and continue putting leg routines back in, I’m sure that’ll change some.
My right is way more developed than my left. I’m not surprised considering how much trouble my left side has been giving me.
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2 Responses to Day Forty Eight

  1. Lookin’ great, Frak! I think the photos help ’cause we’re doing things healthily so it changes slowly so it hard to perceive on your own body.

    • frakkinfit says:

      True. I was surprised to SEE abs in this. It doesn’t look like that in the mirror. And to see my left side, though I’m at a loss how to bring that up to speed along with helping my obliques out more.

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