I’m frustrated

I have a whole weekend of blogs to post and it all includes good food and workouts, but being at a hotel where internet is $12.99/day. I didn’t have the chance to get online until Sunday night. I had a small cheat day on Friday (some fries, bites of a milkshake and M&Ms). Sunday I’ll admit to a small break down and eating thin mints.

But I do feel my motivation starting to wane, I figured going to a convention where most of the folks won’t even know the word “gym” could possibly give me a small boost in confidence. But I feel like the girls AND guys that were there, what weren’t anorexic and had more muscle definition than I do at halfway, really hit me in a way it normally wouldn’t. I don’t know why I’m comparing myself to them, but I was and I’m not sure how to feel now.

I’m frustrated that I don’t feel like I’m reaching a goal
I’m frustrated that I have to scrutinize everything I eat when I’m out (and ultimately, menus make me depressed)
I’m frustrated with…a lot of things. A list probably won’t make me feel better.

Overall, I feel pretty pissed off at myself.

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