Day Forty (whoa)


  • Chicken walnut and raisin salad with poppyseed dressing
  • Graham cracker
  • Apple juice
  • Milk
  • Peanut butter and banana on sprouted bread
  • Garden of Eatin’ chips
  • Chicken w/ Mushrooms in a white wine sauce on a bed of 4-grain rice

Not a ton of good, I was fasting a little so I could hit up the 9news health fair. Though now I think about it, that wasn’t really needed.


  • 1hr 15min yoga class
  • Various Cardio

9news health fair!

I wanted to get a base for a few numbers. i didn’t get everything as they didn’t have all the screenings I wanted at that location, so I’ll hit that up else where. But here’s the skinny.

  • Weight: 147
  • BP: Good
  • Vision: 20/25 in left, 20/20 in right
  • BMI: 22
  • Bone Density: Was actually a little low for my age they said, so I should look into consuming more calcium. Which is exactly what I talked to the nutritionist who was there about. She also mentioned I should eat more peanut butter and trail mix to put in some high calorie foods that will keep me from getting hungry. I took that to heart!

I’ll go back for the skinfold, balance test, etc. Just gotta see where.

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