Day Forty one (Cheat Day!)


This week’s cheat day was Sunday instead of next Friday. It was a combined b-day celebration for my sister and I, so thought it would be better to go with Sunday for the week. Good thing I did!

  • Banana, Blueberry and Chia seed pancakes (used the last of the bisquick mix, used extra whole wheat flour)
  • FF Yogurt
  • Banana bread (Best ever!)
  • 3 cookies
  • Coffee Cake
  • Bunch of trail mix
  • Milk
  • Porkchop, peas and carrots, broccoli coleslaw with almonds and raisins, whole wheat rolls, little bit of cheesy potatoes
  • Smaaalll slice of chocolate cake (it was waay too rich) and one scoop ice cream, also waaay too rich
  • PB, Banana and Chia seed protein shake
  • Chicken BLT wrap

Yeaah, it was pretty nuts! Guess I can say I wasn’t hungry at all today!


  • 5min warmup
  • Stretch
  • BB back squats – 4 x 5, Bar, 40, 50, 50
  • a) BB alternating lunges – 3 x 8, Bar, 20, 40
  • b) Seated calf raises – 3 x 10, 15lbs
  • Box jumps – 2 x 50 for time
    • 1st time: 56sec
    • 2nd time: 54sec
  • a) BB good mornings – 3 x 12, bar
  • b) Standing calf raises – 3 x 15, body weight
  • Optional Tabata Body Weight Squats – 5 sets – AMAP in 20 secs, rest 10
  • secs, repeat. Record # of reps.
    • 15, 14, 13, 12, 14
  • 1x 50 shuffle step
  • Abdominal giant set
  • a) Reverse crunch – 3 x 15
  • b) Fold ups – 3 x 15
  • c) Russian twist w/ 12lbs medicine ball – 3 x 15
  • Foam roller & yoga stretches

This felt REALLY good. It’s the first time since I injured my knee that I’ve actually completed a leg workout. My knee felt AWESOME. I thought the squats and lunges for sure would aggravate it, but it felt amazing. Was a little hesitant on the box jumps, so it was a very small distance. But even that felt great. It’s so good to see it getting better, so effin’ good.

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