So that’s what’s hurting

After talking with some coworkers and doing some research I found out that it’s my rhomboid that I’m having problems with. Probably strained it some from shoulder exercises or rowing or some variation there of. As a reminder for myself, I need to take it a bit easy on row/pulling, overhead and shoulder exercise while adding in some strengthening bits for the rhomboid.

Also going to see the chiro but for now I’ll  keep icing and stretching it. My coworker has the same problem and let me borrow her theracane for the time being to help it out. Just gotta focus more on form and technique and not going up in weight for my upper back/shoulders. It’s in no real pain right now, but could be if I don’t watch it. My knee taught me that much!

I do  wonder why I didn’t become a physical therapist, it would have been a good job for me. I’m always curious how the body works and how to make it better or also alleviate pain. Very good learning experience, this trial and error on my body.

If anybody has any good advice on hitting this area and strengthening without weight, let me know! I’m open to all suggestions.

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