Day Thirty Six


  • Almond granola with strawberries, chia seed and FF yogurt
  • Veggie/Black bean Quinoa in whole wheat pita
  • Blackberries
  • 100% dark chocolate with green tea
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Small bite of beer jerky (ah, beef jerky, I’m apparently craving something)
  • Tuna salad (tuna, mustard, olive oil, pepper, lemon juice) sandwich on sprouted barley bread with bok choy
  • Protein shake with blueberries, 1% milk, FF yogurt and chia seed
  • Banana chips


  • V-ball practice: Core work with the kiddos. I don’t believe in just standing there and watching them do it. I join in unless I need to watch for good posture/technique.
    • 2x 30sec v-sits
    • 2x 15 v-twists
    • 1x 20 reg crunches
    • 1x 20 bicycle crunches
    • 1x 20 reverse crunches
    • 1x 20 pushups
    • 1x 20 triangle pushups
    • 1x 30sec potty squat
    • 1x 30sec quarterback squat
    • 3x 30sec ski jumps (side/side, front/back, side/center/side)
    • 1x 30 speed skaters
  • BB bench press – 4 x 5 @ 50lbs
  • DB one arm rows – 3 x 8 @ 20lbs
  • DB incline bench press – 3 x 10 @ 15lbs
  • a) Body weight or assisted pull ups – 3 x 12 @ 70lbs
  • b) DB standing alternating shoulder press – 3 x 15 @ 15lbs
  • a) DB standing alternating bicep curl – 3 x 12, 8, 5 @ 15 lbs
  • b) DB standing two hand OH triceps press – 3 x 8 @ 20lbs
  • a) 20 push ups x 2
  • b) 100 jump rope jumps x 2
  • c) 20 inverted rows x 2

I was pretty excited about the bench press. I know I’m up to 60lbs, but I was able to do 50lbs with little problems, very exciting to see how strong that’s become. I do remember when that was almost too heavy.

One thing though, my left side seems to be over developed or…something. I have a HORRIBLE knot that keeps coming back, even after having a great massage (gal in my office does wonders) and a nice back adjustment. But after weight lifting it comes back. Should I be using a lower weight on the left side? Anyone?

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