Day Thirty Two

Food (CHEAT DAY!):

I realize that I probably go crazy on cheat days. I know I should probably minimize this or am I too hard on myself? A general conversation in my brain on cheat day goes like this.

“It’s cheat day, I can eat that, even though I know it’s absolutely 100% horrible”

“It’s not like I’m going totally crazy, see, I’m going to get whole grain tortilla instead of the white flour one!”

“But I could get something totally terrible, all in spite of cheat day. Like Fish and Chips”

“No, I’ll try and keep some of it under control”


Pretty much

  • Granola with blueberries, chia seed and silk yogurt
  • Banana
  • Mum’s meatloaf: Sirloin meatloaf with mushroom sauce and two onion rings. Garlic mashed taters and green beans
  • Some french fries
  • Blackberries
  • Whole wheat blueberry muffin
  • Chile relleno burrito with whole wheat tortilla and beans
  • PB cup and fudge ice cream (kinda made me sick, I won’t lie)


  • 20 min cardio, last 5 mins with tabata sprints, 8 sets
    • According to the machine I used today (which I like way better as it keeps a record of what you did). I did a 3.1 mile “run” with a pace of about 6min/mile. Which is always super encouraging!
  • Stretch
  • 2x 15 skater squats
  • 2x 45 quarterback squats
  • 3x 15 ball bridges
  • 4x tabata reverse crunches with stab ball
  • 5 sets of tabata jack planks and v-twists with 12lbs medicine ball
  • Foam roller/stretch
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