Day Seventeen

Long one! I am le tired.


  • 1 egg with whole wheat toast
  • Toast with PB
  • Blueberries
  • Curry tofu with black bean quinoa and salmon fillet (my veggie coworker pointed out the fact I was eating tofu AND salmon and that’s more protein than she eats, then I pointed out that I’m also eating quinoa AND black beans. It was a heavy protein day, which is how I like it)
  • Almonds/Granola/Raisin mix
  • Pot roast with veggies
  • Granola bar
  • Tuna rolls
  • Protein drink


  • 45 min hike
  • 1hr yoga class

First time doing yoga and found it quite enjoyable. The stretching was amazing and I really thought I would have some issues with my knee. Sure, there are some poses I have to pull back on simply because my knee can’t bend all the way yet. But I felt like it did wonders on the areas that have been problematic, mainly the hamstring and IT band. As a source of focus, you’re asked to set an intention for the class. Mine was “healing” for the night. Healing my body, my knee, my mind, everything. I feel like I accomplished that, my knee was hurting a lot of the day and into the hike, but it’s all completely gone. Also my hamstring feels less guarded which has been a constant problem with my injury. Overall, quite satisfied. It’s been awhile since I’ve sweated that much as well!

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2 Responses to Day Seventeen

  1. Kb says:

    I read somewhere that your body can only absorb 25g of protein at a time. :-/

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