Day Sixteen


  • All bran with banana, strawberries, PB and FF milk
  • Whole wheat bread with PB
  • Banana
  • Curry tofu salad with black bean and veggie quinoa
  • Blueberries
  • Almonds, raisins and granola mix (lots of this through the day)
  • Yogurt with granola and blueberries
  • Apple
  • Pot roast with red potatoes, onions and carrots
  • Glass of FF milk


  • 30 mins of interval training, two mins off, 30 sec sprint, I would switch between no incline to uphill and downhill, also added resistance on the first and last 5 min. Hit about 2.3 miles in 30mins. Which I know I can do better. But I’m finally getting into the whole cardio for cardio sake. Really hit the groove today and it felt awesome.
  • Stretch
  • 3x 15 ball bridges, various difficulties
  • 5x 15 crunches on stab ball
  • 2x 15 ball squats
  • 2x 30sec quarterback squat on discs
  • 2x 15 skater squats on bosu ball
  • Stretch/Foam roller

I’ve been weighing myself in the morning since my parents have a scale and I think I’m done weighing myself. I am never at the same weight, even when I weight myself at the same time of day. So either I just need to focus on inches and strength gain or figure out how the hell the weight thing happens…cause it’s confusing and I’m starting to wonder why it’s such a fixation when it’s never the same. Or am I doing it wrong!

Also, having dreams about eating horribly good bad for you things not on a cheat day and feeling guilty about it should stop. I totally thought I failed when I woke up. But the taste of sweet sweet food is still there. Om nom.

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2 Responses to Day Sixteen

  1. Just save it up for a cheat day. Eyes on the prize. Don’t worry about the weight. I am fluctuating by three pounds. Zigging and zagging all over the place. I am pretty sure Robo once told me she could lose two pounds in the bathroom. Her description was more graphic. Far more graphic.

    • frakkinfit says:

      Oh, I’ll save it for cheat day. But having those dreams when it ISN’T a cheat day is just evil.

      Yeah, I fluctuate between 2-5 pounds. I’m done with it, it’s not a very good way to track progress. I would like to get one of those scales that measures body fat composition instead of just overall weight.

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