Day fourteen


Rested today!


  • All bran cereal with strawberries, raspberries and FF milk
  • Whole wheat english muffin with PB
  • Banana
  • Korean BBQ with tofu, 9-grain rice, veggies and a salad with vinaigrette and orange. Came from an awesome little organic tea cafe in Boulder. Totally tasty and guilt free. Was also gluten and dairy free!
  • Matte Latte with skim milk
  • Frozen fruit mash…thing
  • Banana in a wheat tortilla with PB
  • Baked chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms in garlic white wine sauce over wild/brown rice and veggies

Okay…I sorta wished I lived at my parents, they have so much more items to make dinner with!

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One Response to Day fourteen

  1. whiskeyrage says:

    I love ieating in Boulder – there are always so many healthy options! Kinda miss living there sometimes.

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