Day Eleven


  • Stretch
  • 4x 5 back: Extensions 50lbs, 60lbs, 100lbs, 130lbs
  • 4x 5 back: Bent rows w/ 10lb bar: Bar, 30lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs (went up 10lbs, was prob one away from failure)
  • 4x 5 chest: pushups, reg, medicine ball x3
  • 4x 5 chest: incline barbell bench press 10lbs, 20lbs, 50lbs, 50lbs (didn’t do as well as I would have liked on this one, but it’s not the bench press so totally different muscle group…that’s obviously weaker)
  • 4x 5 bicep: chin ups  70lbs, 60lbs, 56lbs, 56lbs. Baaarely finished. Lowered the assist too much I believe.
  • 4x 5 tricep: dip downs 100lbs, 58lbs, 56 lbs, 48lbs
  • 4x 5 Lying Sit Ups, reg, w/ 6lbs medicine ball x3
  • 2x 25 V-sit with 4lbs medicine ball
  • PT!
  • Stretch/Foam Roller

I pushed through this workout like crazy, but my body just wasn’t with it. I didn’t complete some reps that I really thought I should have. But I pushed through to the point of failure as much as possible.


I just want to say that I’m glad I made my cheat day fixed. It’s possible there will be a special occasion or so that I’ll change my cheat day. But the feeling that I CANNOT move my cheat day makes it that much more of a sweet reward. Plus, knowing my procrastinating self, I would keep changing it and then it would eventual all meld together. Oh Friday, I love you.

  • Smart Start with yogurt and quinoa
  • 2 Kolaches, one egg, cheese and sausage and one raspberry strudel. Omg, this was awesome and makes me proud to make it to Friday! Though my body is questioning all the sweetness I just put in it.
  • Chocolate Milk, not the best either. Hey, it has no high fructose corn syrup in it!
  • Yeeaah…the day went downhill from here. I have a friend in town that I rarely see, the last time I did was RMRG’s season opener LAST season. And we always go to an awesome place for dinner.
  • Some pringles
  • Trail mix with cranberries, walnuts and cashews
  • Oysters, Sashimi, Miso soup, Tofu and Mushroom, Spicy fried chicken, mochi, fortune cookie
  • Non-alcoholic beer, sip of sake (he finished off two bottles! I drove, the police were out and about tonight!)
  • Sweet mint tea
  • My stomach hating me

I know I can’t eat that rich on cheat days, my stomach just hates it to death. But this was a pretty special occasion…since it’s so rare. C’la vie!

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  1. You are a machine, pardner.

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