and on the seventh day, she rested

Yeah, my body is hella sore from last night. Though I had full intentions of going to the gym I looked at my schedule and I’m working out every day this week till Sunday so figured I’d listen to my body and take a breather. The weather didn’t help much either.

I have to say though, it’s NICE to be so sore!! I’m stoked to feel this way. I upped my weights and was able to push through and really hit a great point. My knee feels great and it shows in the rest of my body.

Course, falling on the ice this morning doesn’t help with the soreness, but I’m happy to report I didn’t hurt anything. That means I can start intentionally falling, right?!

Anyway, onto the food blog!


  • Smart Start with silk yogurt
  • 2 mini bagels with peanut butter
  • Yerbe Matte tea (yummmmmy)
  • Tofu, chickpeas, spinach, onion and wheat pilaf in a whole wheat pita with feta cheese and avocado
  • 2 cuties
  • FF milk
  • apple
  • 1 thin mint…I know…
  • Leftover tofu, chickpeas mixture
  • Seitan cooked with zucchini, squash, green peppers, jalapenos wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and avocado

I feel a bit better about my food intake today, though I still feel hungry here and there, it wasn’t as bad. This eating more can be a tad crazy! Also, I find it funny how vegetarian my diet really is. I asked my boss if I’m a vegetarian only because I don’t want to buy meat (cause it’s stupid expensive) and she said no, it makes me cheap. Well okay then!

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One Response to and on the seventh day, she rested

  1. Dude, you are rockin’ it out!

    Hey, I joined Better Bodies today and got a bunch of guest passes so we can do the workout together tomorrow for realsies!

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