Day Five

What a doozy! It was bout day for my lovely Daisies and I was pumped from morning to night, making it impossible to blog when I got home. So here it is.


  • Buckwheat pancake with 2 eggs. New fav way to have pancakes is with the eggs on top! Totally eliminates the need for syrup!
  • Latte with soy milk
  • Banana
  • Curry Tofu with spinach and garbanzo beans on top of rice pilaf
  • 2 granola bars
  • Lots of carrots and veggies at the bout
  • Banana
  • Veggie mini burrito

Today was tough for food, no doubt. Mainly because being at the bout and running around made it difficult to grab food. I grabbed all the healthy stuff however. I was sad to miss out on Die’s cookies but it’s for the best!


  • 20 min interval training on elliptical (3 mod jog, 30sec sprint)
  • 2x 20 reg crunches
  • 2x 20 negative crunches
  • 2x 30sec wall sits on bosu ball
  • 1x skater squats on bosu ball
  • 2x 20 woodchop
  • 2x 15 one leg deadlift with 20lbs
  • 1x 15 lunge, high knee, deadlift with 10lbs
  • 1x 30 side shuffle with purple band.
  • 6x 20 ball bridges, upped the difficulty on last 2x with one leg pull. Ooooowww.
  • Danced my ass off at the RMRG after party. I was way past sweaty there, it was awesome!!

Today I’m going to get back on my skates for a little bit. I’m nervous and scared. I’ll be fine I know it, I’m only going to be on them for a short amount of time.

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One Response to Day Five

  1. whiskeyrage says:

    Yay for getting back on skates! Also, you were amazing as benach manager. And you did really well with the food – even when I was trying to get you to enjoy a cookie with me…sorry about that.

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