Day four

Today was crazy nuts. I had PT in the morning, then work, then a four hour volleyball tournament. Uggh! Though PT isn’t a full hour of vigorous exercises. I’m going to count that today and call it my second rest day for extra exercise. I look forward to the MUCH needed rest and ability to ice my knee. It will make me rested for the weekend!

Food (and this is my cheat day):

  • Pita with Justin’s Peanut Butter (BEST EVER) and banana
  • BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich and fries (oh man, I was waiting for you for so long)
  • Thin Mint cookies (I missed you also)
  • Cutie
  • Apple
  • Carrots and Almonds
  • Curry Tofu with chickpeas, spinach and onions cooked in olive oil and served with whole wheat pilaf

It took all of my will to not eat the leftover pizza and make something better for dinner, even if it is my cheat day. Lunch and cookies did it enough for me and figured I’d make something good for dinner, and it was good. Though I feel like it needs something, hmm.

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