Day three!

Food First!

  • Smart Start with yogurt and strawberries
  • Banana
  • Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with avocado, sprouts, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, and pickles
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Cutie
  • 1/2 pita stuffed with spinach, garbanzos, green pepper, feta and almonds
  • Carrots
  • Apple
  • 1/2 pita stuffed with spinach, garbanzos, green pepper, feta and almonds
  • Cup of milk

I feel like I’m not eating enough, which seems crazy. Maybe it’s still a lack of protein? Hmm…I need more protein powder..


  • V-ball practice (I didn’t do a TON, but I was still active for an hour and a half)
  • 10 min warmup/stretch
  • 6x 15 ball bridges
  • 2x 15 skater squats on bosu ball
  • 2x 30 sec quarterback squats
  • 2x 30 speed skaters
  • 2z 15 hamstring deadlift a 12 lbs
  • 1x high knee, lunge, deadlift with 10lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps overhead press at 20, 15, 10 lbs respectively
  • 12, 10, 8 reps chest press at 20, 15, 10 lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps front raise at 15, 10, 5 lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps chest fly at 15, 10, 5 lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps back fly at 15, 10, 5 lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps high rows at 20, 15, 5 lbs
  • 12, 10, 8 reps single arm rows at 20, 15, 5lbs
  • 2x 1min planks
  • Foam roller/stretch

Uh…so looking at it now I didn’t follow this very well. I was going off of memory and all I could remember was dropping the weight. Well, I dropped the weight and also did pyramid sets. Also, instead of starting with less weight, I started with more than I’m use to. Opps. It did a great job of exhausting my upper body though! Also, I like the no rest thing, makes the workout go a lot quicker. So this will probably be something I’ll do when I only have an hour to complete a workout (which I also have to get PT into). Tonight’s workout was awesome though, there are times I feel it more than others and I really felt like I stepped up the intensity. The music was perfectly synced, I was totally relaxed, sweating and feeling awesome! Lifting is insanely addicting!!

In other news, I’ve been cleared to start light skating! 🙂 It’s a huge step and I know a lot of it is from the dedication I’ve put towards my PT. But why wouldn’t I? This injury sucks! Anything to get me back is completely welcomed. And considering I did a little more in v-ball that I haven’t in the past and had absolutely no discomfort, it’s a welcomed change mentally too. I miss just having a game I mess around in, talk shit, and laugh till my sides hurt. I miss it a lot.



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6 Responses to Day three!

  1. You are gonna have to teach me these lifts. I am not sure what some of them are, but it made my arms all noodle-y just reading your list.

    • frakkinfit says:

      Totally will! Right now I’m breaking down my lifting to just incorporate chest, shoulder and back. I’m going to start adding bicep and triceps in. I wanted to get started on the core first.

      My arms are awfully noodle-y, though more in the shoulders which I’ve come to find are the weakest along with my upper/mid back. My lower back is weak, but right between the shoulders is the worse, which I need to figure out how to hit more.

  2. Instead of flat out protein powder, try natural sources like hemp seeds or chia seeds. Totally simple to sprinkle onto food you’re already eating, with no additives!

    • frakkinfit says:

      Oh nice! Should the seeds be grounded much like flax seeds have to be? I know some seeds you can’t get the nutrients if they aren’t grounded to a powder.

      Good job at WWS btw! Keep kicking ass. 🙂

  3. April says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for you about being cleared for some light skating:)

    In other news, I felt the need to write out that I did ok today because I went for a long jog with my sister. We walked from her house at MLKjr Blvd & Jasmine over to the N.E corner of City Park Golf course and then jogged over to Hooked on Colfax. We had a cold fat free mocha and then jogged the rest of the way around the park over to the NE Corner of the golf course and then speed walked our way back to her house.

    Then I did bad at dinner because I ate a cheeseburger with ham, cream cheese, and Avocado on it. I only ate half of it, but still!

    • frakkinfit says:

      I’m going to start out with skating at punks practice. Both my PT and I agree that doing more than 15-30 mins of skating right now would be excessive. So doing simple things with punks will be a great start.

      Good job on the jog! I’m getting addicted to the workout thing and getting better at listening to my body on how hard I should push and when I need to rest. Been noticing that when I allow myself to rest, the workout the day after is that much more productive.

      And the slip up happens, I think it’s all about how you treat the rest of your meals. 🙂

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