The first day of the rest of your life…

You never really understand that meaning unless you’re embarking on something life changing. Which is what all us TBTers are doing and are going into with 100% heart. I do have times where I’m not sure this is going to work for various reasons, though the biggest ones being time and money. But that’s why you have buddies, right?!

So today is day 0, leading up to day 1. My day -2 and -1 were spent saying goodbye to getting to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I know I have my cheat day, but I will have the hardest time pushing through to my cheat day. I am glad to at least have a day to push to! Goals are important.

Queen was awesome to supply me with a grocery list that will stay within my budget and it looks TASTY. Soon as I’m done with work today I will be picking up all these items in anticipation of tomorrow.

Speaking of which, is the Dropkick Murphys concert. Talk about a tough way to start the TBT! I’m already not drinking so I’m in no fear of that, but really it’s figuring out how to get exercise in…which will probably happen in the morning, whiiich I really suck at. But I know there are going to be days that the morning will be the only time I can get it in (that’s what she said). So, I will become a morning person with the help of friends, yes, I will.

In other news, for folks interested, I’ve been following to help plan out exercises and add new moves and ideas to my current routines. It’s a great starting spot and I recommend it to all!


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2 Responses to The first day of the rest of your life…

  1. incognito355 says:

    Fantastic Frak!!!

  2. April says:

    Just wanted to say that I feel your pain on the morning workout thing. It’s INCREDIBLY hard for me to workout in the morning. It’s really hard for me to even wake up at a somewhat reasonable hour. So if you manage to do it, I’ll be really proud of you because I know how hard it is.

    I went to bed before 10 pm last night because I was so tired and I totally slept in until like 10:30 am! I was convinced that all I need to do is force myself to go to bed earlier but I’m not so sure now!

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