Oi vey!

Whhhheerre to start!

I am going where no man has gone before….but a good bunch of RMRG girls are!

Total body transformation aka TBT! I’m glad to take everything I’ve been doing to the next level and will put my whole heart into it! Though, I sorta look at this as a TMT aka Total ME transformation! I’m using a lot of this as a guideline for the rest of my life mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, everything. Hitting it hard in the beginning will help to ensure it’s success for the rest of my life. That’s the reasoning anyway!

I am starting a little off though. I originally was going to try my own little TBT waay back in Nov 2010. But then I hurt my knee and that managed to take me out of EVERYTHING for about two months. Within that time, I fell off the alcohol wagon and then renewed my strength after a pretty nasty New Years Eve hangover. Upon which my resolution was to have a hangover free 2011! Weell, that became a lot more and I’ve completely cut alcohol out of my diet since Jan 1st, 2011.

I WILL allow myself a sip of beer or wine because I enjoy tasting the good stuff. But I will never have a full on drink. It’s been a tough one, enough so that I’m having dreams of taking shots and feeling guilty about it. But I am almost 2 months in with 10 months to go! BUT, if this becomes as successful as I’d like it, it’s possible I might just kick alcohol as a go to beverage and have it once in a Blue Moon (haha, get it? Yeeaah).

Along with the kicking alcohol, I’ve been diligent about working out EVERY day, because PT doesn’t take a rest and I have exercises I have to do for my knee on a DAILY basis. As I’ve progressed from nothing, to range of motion, to bike, to finally elliptical, I have finally been able to my routine. One of being adding a pretty extensive upper body routine every other day.

I feel pride in the fact that I’ve been successful in attending the gym just about every day, either doing cardio on the elliptical with a good dose of core, or upper body…with another dose of core. I have enjoyed it and completely intend on keeping it going. If anything, to help in the rehab of my knee, which I can say has been going exceptionally well. I very rarely feel any pain and the strength has obviously improved. However…

Food. It is my weakness. I like to eat EVERYTHING. I love sweets, I love exotic, I love going out, staying in, munching, sipping, whatever I can do with food, I will. Now, I generally have a pretty decent diet, but my biggest goal is fitting food into my budget. Which has been difficult in between medical bills and a shift in jobs AND commute. I don’t doubt I can overcome sweets and overeating (or under eating), it’s just being able to afford the healthy stuff to sustain me for a day. There were some times I would not be proud of because I lacked cash to supply more than 2 meals a day. 😦

Nevertheless, things are getting better, summer is near and that’s all the more motivation for me to keep it straight. And of course with the helpful nudging of fellow derby AND non derby folk. I have a strong support group, there really is no reason why I, Frak Attak, can’t succeed!

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7 Responses to Oi vey!

  1. April says:

    Excited to see how your 90 days go! Good luck:)

  2. lalashoveyou says:

    I too have stopped drinking since January 1st. I kinda like it. 🙂 Good for you Frak.

  3. fridabeater says:

    Alright Frak, let’s see what you can do. We’ll be with you very step of the way!!


  4. Andrea says:

    Hey girl,
    There may be a solo DRDer doing the TBT too- this is Kendra Blood 🙂

    I’ve been easing my way into it for a month and I can tell you, you can actually eat more on the TBT (well, I guess depending on your goals). Because the food is good for you, see it as fuel and enjoy! I eat all the time but burn it off, and of course there isn’t any fatty heavy stuff to sit on you. It’s actually been fun to find new things to eat and enjoy. Hopefully you’ll have the same experience and not just see it as a matter of will.

    Sounds like you already know you can do it, but good luck anyway!

  5. greenvenom127 says:

    I love your attitude, Frak. I’m excited to read your blogs!

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